Essential Software for Builders in Wrexham

There is an extensive array of business software out there that can solve almost any business problem and make running a business much easier. If you’re a builder in Wrexham, the largest city in the north of Wales and a commercial, retail and administrative centre, there are a few types of software that every UK builder needs. On the other hand, do not overlook industry-specific software designed to handle your specific needs. Examples of both are discussed here.

Easy Price Pro

Launched in 2001, Easy Price Pro is a UK software to help you produce estimates and to save time doing it. Coming up with estimates on your own, as a project launches and as it continues, can be a task that can take you more time than it should. That’s why estimation software is extremely helpful. This estimation software is suitable for plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, roofers and more.

PDF Creation Software

UK building companies in need of electronic images of texts or graphics that appear like printed documents, to give to clients and fellow builders, need PDF creation software. Any general PDF creation software will work, such as Adobe. With this kind of software, professional looking documents can be made without the need to hire a specialist.


Accounting software is essential for any reputable builders in Wrexham. It is the kind of software that makes record keeping seamless. It helps with things such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, ledgers, and more. One of the top UK accounting software is ClearBooks. This is the only UK cloud accounting software, something that is hosted on remote servers rather than on-premises or self-installed. Cloud accounting software storage is considered to be safer than traditional methods.

Contact Management Software

As a building company grows, the contacts grow. But how do you effectively manage all of the important contacts for reference? Writing contacts in a phone book is the 20th century way of doing things that is no longer useful for the 21st century. Contact management software is an easy way to store and find contact information quickly with just a few touches keystrokes. Any contact management software will work such as Insightly and Salesforce.

Construction Management Software

A comprehensive software is perfect for UK builders, even though it may not address specific tasks that need to be done. By general definition, construction management software is a project management tool for construction professionals. So for builders who want one software for accounting, payroll, project management, and more, a UK construction management software may work. Some examples include Buildertrend, CoConstruct, Procore, Sage, and more.

Software for builders in Wrexham, in the 21st century, is an essential part of running the business and keep it profitable. Simply knowing that, however, does not mean that you can just pick any software for your needs. By doing careful research and understanding the specific needs of your company, you can make the software work for you and help to keep your business profitable.