Software That Could Be Used By A Solar Panel Installation Company In Hampshire

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As the solar industry grows, it finds better ways to do things. There are so many solar-specific software platforms coming to the market today. These platforms promise to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the business by reducing its cost at the same time. Using these software programs can help take your solar panel installation company in Hampshire to the next level within a short time frame. Here are some of the most important software programs that could be used by Hampshire solar panel installation companies.

Customer Identification Software – Customer acquisition is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks for a solar panel installation company in Hampshire. Many installers still resort to door-to-door sales and keep track of customer information on a variety of platforms such as Excell and SalesForce. That is where a quality customer identification software comes in handy. Such a software can lead the clients to the company and simplify the sales process. There are many customer identification software platforms on the market today such as PowerScout, Faraday, Google Project Sunroof, MODSolar, and Choose Energy.

Customer Relationship Management Software – Once you identify the right customers for your solar installation company in Hampshire, it is important to track the progress – from proposals to project completion. Doing it manually requires a lot of work. A reliable CRM software will make the process much easier for the installation company. There are many high-quality CRM software on the market today such as MODsolar, Solarnexus, and enACT.

Proposal Generation Software – Giving the client the most accurate proposal is very important to acquire the business for your company. Proposal generation software has made the process easier than ever before. The software automates system design so that the salespeople are able to give a quick and accurate system estimate to the client. HelioScope from Folsom Labs is an example of a proposal generation software. It is a PV system design tool which integrates performance modelling & system layout to simplify the engineering and selling process. It consists of programs such as PVsyst, Sketchup, and AutoCAD so that solar engineers could work efficiently to provide more projects at lower costs. Sighten, MODSolar, Solarnexus, enACT, Energy Toolbase, and HST Solar are some of the other proposal generation software that could be used in your solar panel installation company in Hampshire.

Financial Risk Management Software – While many homeowners will pay cash for their purchases, there are many others who would prefer to use different payment options such as PPAs, leases, and more. Such a software could access the latest data in order to factor in electric rate schedules, rebates, tariffs, and incentives from specific towns in the UK. That way the customer will understand how the system will affect their electricity bills over time. Ra Power Management, enACT, and Sighten are popular examples of such software programs.

The aforementioned article provides information on software that can be used in a solar panel installation company in Hampshire.